Home School Visuals

Home School Visuals

Irish schools are to remain closed until the end of January 2021. For families like mine, we will now Home School our children, with online learning for some being an option. For my sons, I know that online-learning is not an option as it will not meet their needs or abilities. Home-schooling with the support and guidance of their brilliant school will be our way forward. Home School Visuals are essential to help your child or student understand the new “Home – School” routine and schedule.

Online through my social media platforms (Instagram & Facebook), I regularly advocate for the inclusion of visual supports in the environment of all autistic children, where possible. From a strength based perspective we know that autistic children are visual learners and using Visual Supports will aid their comprehension and understanding of information and expectations.

With the aforementioned at the forefront of my mind together with the overwhelm many parents feel at this juncture, I have designed Home School Visuals you can use as part of your Visual Schedule to help your child/student process what may be happening day to day as part of their Home School learning.

In the coming days I will be designing additional FREE Home School printables; you can use at home to help support your child/learner during this time of pandemic.

Home School Visual Icons

I have designed a selection of Home School Visual icons you can use as part of your Visual Schedule. Print off the Visual icons and laminate. Thereafter, cut out each individual square and attach a soft Velcro coin to the rear of each individual Home School visual. Attach to your Visual Schedule/Choice Boards as appropriate.

Home School Visual Support

I have designed two Home School visual supports you can laminate, and cut out. Attach the green “Start” Visual to one large container/basket and the red “Finished” to another container/basket.

When working at the table with your child/student place tasks “they have to work on” in the “Start” basket (the basket will be on the left hand side of the child/on the table/ground). Place tasks that your child completes into the “Finished” container/basket (this will be placed on the right hand side of your child/right hand side of the table/ground). The red & green Visual Supports will help your student understand what tasks they have to complete but also helps them to understand that once the “Start” basket/container is empty and the “Finished” basket is full, they will then be finished their work.

You can access your FREE Home School Visual Supports here.


If you have found these visual supports helpful, go to my Family Blog where you will find a host of other Free Printables.