Autistic Women Books

Autistic Women Books


Autism in women has been a huge area of interest to me of late and thus I found myself ordering countless autistic women books. Like many adults who have autistic children I have tirelessly researched and continue my learning to understand the world from my children’s perspective. I have, over the years, read and researched thoroughly from the perspective of a parent to children, who are autistic.

In recent times, I find myself researching from the perspective of the aspergian; the adult, autistic woman. Of the books I have read thus far; there have been some stand-outs.

Below I will list my top 3 autism books for women but ask the reader to have cognizance that my reading and researching is prolific in nature and is on-going with regard to this subject matter. I have a “to – be – read” book catalogue that one would ordinarily only see in the likes of a well stocked book shop! Therefore expect to see numerous additions (over time) to my “recommended reading” with regard to female autism books.

Top 3 Female Autism Books

Autism & Asperger Syndrome in Adults. (Dr. Luke Beardon)

Albeit not written specifically for autistic females, this is by far my favourite book on adult autism & asperger syndrome. Over 117 pages Dr. Beardon discusses a plethora of key issues and factors to consider from an adult autistic point of view. The manner in which he views the heterogeneity of the autistic population very much aligns with my own views. A key point he notes about autism is “the impact that being autistic has on a person at any given time“… “it is the combination of you, the autistic person and the environment in which you find yourself that determines what sort of impact and outcome you will experience”. (p. 11-12)

When I consider this point retrospectively with regard to my own life’s past and now into the present from the view point of an autistic parent to three autistic sons, he brings a clarity to my thoughts on situations that occurred in the past that would not occur today. My absolute favourite autism book albeit not specifically intended for women alone.

Women and Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder. (Sandra Hendrickx)

A book dedicated to the fact that the profile of autism manifests itself differently in females than males. An insightful read at 243 pages. As noted by Sandra in her introduction “there are plenty of women with autism, but we just hide it better, make sense of it differently or present it in a way that slips under the radar of those looking for classic (male) indicators derived from the (almost) exclusively male research (or atleast that does not differentiate according to gender)“. (p.15)

17 key issues are discussed in great detail within the book. I found myself picking up the text to read and ponder a chapter at a time. A book that will long remain a staple in my repository.

Nerdy, Shy, and Socially Inappropriate. (Cynthia Kim.)

“I’ve been autistic all my life, but I didn’t know it until I was in my forties” (p.13) The opening line of Cynthia’s text sets the tone for a journey of exploration of the autistic adult in retrospect and present day. “I’ve been forced to relearn how to be me. All the things that I thought were broken or defective or weird about me? It turns out they’re perfectly normal for people like me”. (p.19)


For many adults who recieve a late in life diagnosis, it can be an overwhelming experience to reflect on a life in which you may have felt out of place, like the odd peg, never truly fitting in. Cynthia’s book catches you off guard, before you know it, an hour has passed and you are still reading. I found myself nodding to so much of her experiences as if it was a mirror to my own.

If you would like to obtain copies of my top 3 Female Autism Books, I have a created a list of my favourite autism & aspergers books in my Amazon Store Front.

I am always interested to hear of autism book recommendations. Feel free to contact me through my social media or drop me an email with your recommendations.