Covid – 19 Vaccine Social Story

Covid – 19 Vaccine Social Story


A FREE Covid -19 Vaccine Social Story

A Covid -19 Vaccine is now available for children in Ireland. Having three autistic son’s who are almost all within the age cohort for the Covid – 19 Vaccine, I wanted to prepare a Social Story(TM) to support my sons in understanding the vaccination process.

A visual story to support autistic individuals and/or individuals with additional needs to understand what may occur when they are getting their Covid-19 Vaccine.

This story has been written, designed and edited by autistic individuals for autistic individuals.

I hope you find that it helps your student/child. Please note this resource was designed with the vaccination system in Ireland in mind and may differ from the vaccination system in your location.

The social story is created in a page-by-page format so you may include or exclude pages as you see fit and place them in which ever order you prefer. You can include or exclude pages as you see fit and place them in the order that suits your intended goal.

Use a laminator to ensure longevity of use.

Print and laminate each sheet of the Social Story, cutting down the center line there after. Attach book rings to create a book format.


Sit down with your child at a time they are relaxed and engaged. Read through the story and encourage any questions they may have. For students who may not be able to read, read the story for them and use the visual icons to help your child/student understand the different issues highlighted.

Ensure you keep your tone calm, relaxed and open to hearing/understanding any worries or anxieties your student/child may have. Use each page as a jumping off point for other worries your child may be feeling.

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Click on the link below to download your Covid – 19 Vaccine Social Story (TM).

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