AAC Workshops

Amanda provides training for Parents and Professionals wishing to acquire or expand knowledge and expertise in the creation and application of Augmentative and Alternative Communication systems.

Autism Workshops

Amanda provides training to Parents and Professionals seeking to establish an understanding of autism in the work place and home.

Early Intervention Programs

Amanda offers assessments and support services to positively encourage the development and learning of young children.

Autism education & Tutoring

Amanda empowers parents through training, to educate their children. Using the most up to date assessment tools and educational resources available; parents are trained on how best to educate their children in the home.
Amanda is available for 1:1 Private Home Tutoring of children with autism.

Parent Advocacy

Amanda provides 1:1 Parent Advocacy; supporting and empowering parents to become erudite, independent,puissant Advocates for their children with additional needs.
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Life & Social Skills Training

Amanda provides assessment of functional living skills together with strategies to encourage the development of key life & social skills.


Amanda Mc Guinness, BA (Hons), LLB (Hons) is the Autism Ambassador for County Mayo. 

She is a Law Graduate and Autism Educator with  a decade of experience, consulting, educating and training professionals and families of children on the Autism Spectrum. 

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