meet the autism educator

Amanda Mc Guinness, BA (Hons), LLB (Hons),  is the Autism Ambassador for County Mayo. 



Amanda has over ten years experience supporting and educating autistic children, their parents and family members.

Amanda has 10 years experience of working with and educating autistic children.

She has extensive knowledge and experience in behavioural, communication, emotional regulation , and visual supports systems.

She provides tailored parent and professional trainings.

Parent consultancy post diagnosis.

Over the last 6 years she has raised autism awareness and helped thousands of parents and professionals through her online blog

Over the last five years she has provided “Understanding Autism” training to students, teachers and special needs assistants imparting best practice in all areas of care and education of children on the spectrum.

Amanda provides specialized autism training to businesses in Ireland and online to the UK.  

Amanda’s career prior to working in the field of autism, centered primarily in the legal sector specializing in Family, Personal Injury, Probate and Tort Law.

In 2015 Amanda created the award winning website “Little Puddins”, documenting her family’s autism journey online. 

Her award winning family blog hosts readers from around the world visiting her blog for advice, support and to download her educational resources. 

 You can find out more about her social media platforms by going to her 




Her column in The Connaught Telegraph educates and encourages readers to be more accepting and understanding of autism. 

In November 2019 Hailey (11) was presented with the prestigious prize of Family Carers Ireland, Young Carer of the Year award  by Marty Whelan in recognition of all her selfless work within the home, helping her three brothers with autism. 



Amanda Mc Guinness, BA (Hons), LLB (Hons) is the Autism Ambassador for County Mayo. 

She is a Law Graduate and Autism Educator with  a decade of experience, consulting, educating and training professionals and families of children on the Autism Spectrum.