The Language We Use Matters.

We need to think about the language we use and it’s implications and impact. 

I remember growing up always trying to be “normal” and trying to get it “right”. 

The word “Normal” to me was so vast and immeasurable it preoccupied my thoughts, trying to fit myself into this word that dominated my world . 

If you weren’t perceived as “normal” and didn’t fit within the clearly defined boundaries it commanded, then you were “other- odd -weird-strange” – a social outcast, always on the periphery. 

I spent most of my young life chasing “normal” around trying to catch up with her, trying to be what she said I should be, trying to copy what everyone else did, always trying so hard to please “normal” so I could fit in and I ended up burnt out, with low self esteem, not sure what was “wrong” with me and why I couldn’t do or be what everyone else seemed to get so easily. 

I guess what I’m trying to say in a long winded post, is we need to think carefully before we speak, before we influence and before we irrevocably change how our young feel about themselves, how they grow up feeling and how they perceive themselves. 

For my gorgeous Hailey and her little brothers, we celebrate difference and WHO they are.

Not who I think they should be or what I want for them. Who they are matters. 

They weren’t born to follow anyone, they were born to be themselves and that matters, a lot. 

Celebrate diversity, change the conversation and stamp out the compulsion of trying to be “normal”. 

There’s a spectrum of humanity in our house and I am incredibly proud of each of my gorgeous puddins, and hope they growing up being exactly who they want to be.


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