Everything that I am and can hope to be is because I am autistic.

All of my traits are autistic traits.

All that is good about me, everything that I have, can and will achieve is because I am autistic. 

There are so many incredible autistic traits that make me who I am and who my little boys are.

I was going to write a long winded post about autistic traits but the reality is, we are all so different.

One blog post could never tell you in enough words how proud I am that I am autistic, that my autistic traits make me who I am and have helped me to help thousands of parents, professionals and most importantly children just like my own little puddins all over the world.

Having spent almost 40 years trying to fit into a mould that was not meant for me, I am so incredibly thankful to have been identified as autistic and am now able to retrospectively look back over my life, my triumphs and my foibles, with a kinder eye.

I want my gorgeous boys to grow up knowing they have so many positive autistic traits.

Conor’s ability to communicate without words with just a look that feels as though it goes straight into my heart.

Jack’s ability to name just about every dinosaur that has ever existed and tell me if they are a carnivore or herbivore.

Max’s gentleness and memory. He never forgets, he will always find exactly where he has left his toys and know exactly how to put the most intricate toys together after just being shown once, his memory is incredible.

He is the first to put his little hand on my face to say “are you okay mama”. 

Autistic traits; they make my boys and I who, we are.