As a mother and a professional, I believe that every child should be afforded every opportunity to progress and reach their full potential.

Supports which allow our children to grow and develop to lead full lives in our community are a necessity and I truly believe that these supports can be provided by parents when given the appropriate, training, tools and guidance.

Putting the child at the heart of every decision and tailoring intervention to meet their needs is of paramount importance.

Nurturing parents to believe in their own ability and inspiring them to provide assistance to their child is my passion as I believe the whole family grows when a parent is given the strength and courage to support their child.

Amanda Mc Guinness

The Autism Educator

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AAC 101

Training for Parents or Professionals wishing to acquire or expand knowledge and expertise in the creation and application of Augmentative and Alternative Communication systems.

Understanding Autism

Provision of training to Parents or Professionals seeking to establish or expand an understanding of autism in the work place and home.


Training for parents wishing to expand their understanding and develop skills to implement visual support strategies.

Autism education Consultancy

Using the most up to date assessment tools and educational resources available; parents are trained on how best to educate their children in the home.
Private SEN Consultancy for parents & tutoring of children with additional needs available.

Family Liaison

Amanda is a family liaison and provides 1:1 Parent Advocacy; supporting and empowering parents to become erudite, independent,puissant advocates for their children with additional needs.

Life & Social Skills Training

Assessment of functional living skills together with strategies to encourage the development of key life & social skills.

Who is the autism educator?

In the last ten years I have built up a capacious academic and real-life compendium of competences regarding autism. My oldest son Conor (now 10) was one of the youngest infants ever to be diagnosed with autism in County Mayo.

Coincidentally he had the most severe case of autism encountered at that time in Mayo, a fact I only learned some years ago through his consultant.

In the years since Conor’s diagnosis, his two youngest brothers Jack (6) and Max (2) have been diagnosed as autistic similarly. To date Conor and Max remain non-verbal (non-speaking).

When you make an appointment with The Autism Educator – Autism Consultancy, you gain access to a capacious athenaeum, the likes of which you will not encounter anywhere else.

I am Amanda Mc Guinness.      

I am The Autism Educator.


“You have to be proactive from day one. I know it is upsetting after your child is diagnosed but you HAVE to work. You have to be your child’s voice  and you have to help them progress. They need you and you have to step up”  Amanda Mc Guinness

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Amanda Mc Guinness, BA (Hons), LLB (Hons) is the Autism Ambassador for County Mayo. 

She is a Law Graduate and Autism Educator with  a decade of experience, consulting, educating and training professionals and families of children on the Autism Spectrum. 


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